The profile of professionals who are looking for the Program to continue their education is mainly Food Engineers, Food Chemists, Biochemical Engineers, Chemists, Technicians, among others.

     Admission happens through an Open Call, properly approved by the faculty of the Program and by the School of Chemitry and Food . Afterwards, the Call is published and remains open from 30 to 45 days.

     In the selection process, several criteria are considered, such as curriculum. The selection for the Master’s Degree has one phase. The students’ curriculum vitae are evaluated, in which activities, such as scholarships, participation in scientific events, paper presentation, and internships are taken into account to scoregrades. 

    Admission for the Doctoral Degree is carried out through the evaluation of students’ curriculum vitae, in which the publishing profile of candidates is observed, considering their participation in events, paper presentation, among others. Also, a research proposal must be written and delivered together with application, in order to assess their capacity to propose a feasible project and to defend it orally afterwards, as well as their knowledge regarding the topic and their behavior before an examination board.